Blog using Github pages


March 23, 2016 allows us to upload just templates, config and theme for jekyll static blog generator, and it generates a static website for you.

Now you can just write a markdown file, and commit it, or even create a file online even in github’s source browser, and it is automatically generated into a blog post just after the commit is made.

I didn’t notice this feature in before. I thought we had to run jekyll locally to build static site, and commit it for github to serve stuff. So rather went for python static blog generator called pelican, but gave up because of it being a pain to generate blog every time. I even tried to setup travis-ci to automagically generate the blog, but it was slow and was still a pain.

So if you want to create a blog, just use github , it is quite easy to setup. clone a theme, edit _config.yml and blog on.