Creation and Consumption

Note to self

July 10, 2016

The amount of content available for consumption in our digital age is staggering. Movies, TV, video games, videos, blogs, emails, chat messages all compete for our limited time.

I think mindful consumption is of great importance. We can start being aware of what our consumption inlets are. Just the awareness of this can create great impact on how we choose to spend our time.

I am not arguing against consuming media, but for having healthy awareness on wether it has negative effects on one’s creative spirit. It is important in my opinion to keep the act of creation balanced with consumption.

To contemplate, and engage actively with the world through some outlet is a form of habit I hope we can get into. This outlet can be anything, writing, music, coding for open source, some personal project etc.

I think it is more fulfilling to move towards a balanced consumption to creation ratio.